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When Mobel opened its first plant in 1985, Bartolomé, who came from a sports store business, had a pretty clear idea of what his main goal would be, “manufacturing top quality sport clothes, but with a detail caring, a service, and a customer support that the biggest brands could not reach”.

Today, we have our own style, we are a personal brand. We don’t treat big or small athletes differently. They all matter the same, that’s the main reason why we make such an effort in offering an individual, exclusive and unique design for every team, club, or university.

Sport is our passion, sport is for everyone.


Customization is our speciality, we think about it as the maximum extent of individual treat. It’s not only about including the team colour on the clothes, because every team has its own history.

For this reason, our design team does its best when it comes to developing sport clothes which represent their identity and corporative values with exclusive and unique designs.



Worrying about the constant product improvement is a priority for Mobel. We try to get a comfort and total adaptability for our athletes’ demands, who we work with, in order to reach the innovation degree that every discipline requires.

All our products are made with the ultimate sport technology fabrics,  providing an optimum performance during sport’s practice.


Being able to handcraft our products in our own facilities allow us to provide the maximum flexibility aswell as to guarantee the quality every customer deserves.



Sport is for everyone, so at Mobel we care about those athletes who, for different reasons, have less resources. Gender equality and minority sports support make our philosophy’s foundations.

At the very same time, we’re aware of the relevance of taking side in ecological materials and fabrics that respect the environment. Taking care of the world where we live is everyone’s duty.


There is a sport for everyone. Practicing one or another discipline makes us feel different emotions. “Follow your line” is about having the freedom to choose which sport to practice or which team you belong to. At Mobel we make a great effort to know every sport’s details and values to capture them in our products. For us, wearing a jersey is like wearing a second skin, it identifies us, and makes us unique.


“Follow your line” is an invitation to stay linked to the sport world. Taking sport not just as a practice, but also as a healthier lifestyle, making us happier.

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